Monday, July 23, 2012

Camp #2

Well.... We're not in LC anymore!

Where I'm at now is home to the mango festival.  They have firetrucks that shoot out mango juice, people in mango costumes, mango this, mango that, Sara Hall would HATE it!!!! haha (shout out to one of the besties)! But that's over now and we get the tail end of the market which I've heard it awesome.  I'm gonna go tomorrow hopefully.

The internet connection here is awful, but it's internet and I'm blogging unexpectedly.   Hang w/ me.

We have a group of 32 from all over the nation: Huntington Beach, Bay Area, Texas, North Carolina, Indiana, Florida, and I think that's it...? Yeah.  We have about 50 students at the moment but more could come because it's East Asia.  So we are running 3 camps at once basically.  It's going pretty well though.  I'm 'supervising' all of the camp activities and it's not what I thought I'd be doing but I actually love it. I'm rooming with all of the female leaders.  Two are from NC, one from Huntington and one from Texas.  I still get time w/ the kids at meals and in classes so it's good.  I have one girl I talk to at almost every meal.  She loves Adele, the Twilight series, old music and her english is fantastic.

I'll show pics of our living area later.  Squatty potty is our only option here and they aren't the fancy porcelain ones like I've used in other cities.  It's tiled stalls with no doors and a canal that runs from the first stall to the last.  Water trickles through but never cleans it out.  Bailey comes through once a day and pressure washes it.  Our showers are just a room w/ 4 or 5 shower heads.  The showers are solar heated but we have only seen sun for about an hour in the last 3 days.  I've become talented at leaning my head in to wash my hair and washing as much of me as possible but it's so cold I don't want to just jump in.  And those of you thinking 'pansy, just suck it up,' I say no!  It's a lot to handle all at once.  Our beds are wooden bunks.  They gave us some bedding but it really isn't much.  It's better than nothing of course.  I was out cold last night so it's all good! OH! Cockroaches like to crawl through the rooms and we were told mice might come in if we have food.  Yeah. Mice.  If you don't know me extremely well, here's a little fact: I despise, loathe, detest, hate, cringe at the thought of, want to cry when I see mice/rats.  I saw one at the farm, out in the field, and had a minor panic attack for a minute.

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks for me here in East Asia.  4 more days of camp here til I head back to LC.  I'm doing very well right now.  I'm realizing how well I have it in LC and I can't wait to figure out life there!

Good night from rainy East Asia!

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