Thursday, July 12, 2012

Xing xi san he xing xi si

Wednesday and Thursday

Today is day 2 of camp.  So far things are going really well.  We have 24 students.  We had around 12 the first night and after a full day plus today we are at 24.  It's the Asian way!  AND we are getting another group in on Friday or Saturday?

Yesterday the Saratoga group got in right when camp kicked off so Courtney took culture lessons by herself!  The girl is a pro now.  Language went well, rec went well, evening activities went well (mostly because I am the official quizi champion) and overall it was a good day!

Our campers range from 11-21.  The 11 year old and the 21 year old are actually siblings.  Lucy (the 11 year old) is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  Her cousin Lina is 12 and they just make your heart melt.  They look like they are about 6, maybe 7, and they are just precious!

We did trust falls yesterday and the blind trust walk.  Every single kid did the trust fall and all of the American's participated too.  Even J jumped up at one point.

Evening activity was quiz - which means chopsticks - which is the Asian version of spoons.  The only difference being that you reach for a chopstick and not a spoon.  We had 4 tables going and once you got down to 2 people we combined all of players left and I ended up winning against Sean who beat me last year.  It was great!  AND no scars from this year's game which was a nice change from last year.

Today has been the first real day of camp now that all of the American's are here.  Mixers went well.  They played the human knot game and capture the flag.  Culture went smoothly, rec is going on right now and then language starts in just a minute.  I have no idea what is planned for tonight so I'm anxious to see what the guys do.

Things are good in LC (and not 100 degrees either)!  Yarp for us though please.  Health issues are pretty much gone but everyone is tired and we need energy to get through the next week (and next month for me).

Zai jian,

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