Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reunions & Shaving Heads

Holidays, Red Rover, Dance party, egg hunt, hula hoop games, shaving heads, reunions, WOO!  That was day 5 of camp.  It was lots of stuff crammed into one day but a fun day of course.
We played “I love everyone who...” for mixers in the morning and it went extremely well.  Some kids happened to be ‘it’ multiple times.  (Brief explanation of the game: Everyone sits in a circle on stools and one person is ‘it’ in the middle.  They have to come up w/ a phrase of “I love everyone who ____.”  So I could say “I love everyone who is wearing a black shirt.”  Those who are have to get up and run to a new seat and the person who was ‘it’ tries to find a seat as well.  The person left standing is now in the middle.)  So we played that for quite a while and the kids seemed to love it.
Culture day was all about other ‘American’ holidays and then the kids got to share about  some of the Asian holidays, or festivals as they call them here.  They got SO excited.  We taught them about Easter, Halloween, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s day, 4th of July, and possibly a few more.  The kids got to break into groups and each group picked a festival to teach us about.  They told us when it occurred, the story behind it, how it’s celebrated and their opinions of it I think.  I made sure to put them into my phone’s calendar so I can be ready for them.
Halfway through mixers I got the best gift ever: my Asian brother and sister and 2 other friends came to visit!  I knew they were coming but the shock of them walking through the door was pretty huge.  Locke brought me peanut milk (in a bottle) which made my day even greater, if that was possible, and Jenny brought me a letter from Nicole who couldn’t make it because of exams.  I got to spend several hours with them and got their numbers so I can call them or text them and hang out when they have a brief break from school.  They got to meet my family and play some games and just talk for a bit.  

It was a dream come true.  I didn’t think they would ever have a chance to meet.  It is seriously my real family meeting my Asian family.  I’ve had dreams about it for the past 2 years and it finally happened!  I love those kids so much and I feel incredibly blessed knowing that I have a whole year to spend with them without any real goodbyes.  It makes em want to cry even writing about it now.  So we’ll move to funnier things:
Shaving heads! 
Yup!  The [American] boys wanted to shave their heads so we got John’s shaver and Josh was our guinea pig.  What he didn’t know was that they planned on sneaking someone in to unplug it halfway through so he’d be stuck w/ a grandpa cut.  He freaked out and then we somehow ended up shaving the rest of his head with shaving cream and razors.  They eventually told him they just messed w/ him but it was pretty funny watching him freak out.  Then later they gave Sean a mohawk and Derek got the ugliest ‘X’ shaved on his head... and it’s still there. He looks like an idiot and he knows it too.  So that was a minor little bump in the day.

We had an Easter egg hunt with colored ping pong balls for rec and then a game of red rover that resulted in only one semi injury! MIRACLE! haha.

The real highlight of camp was the dance night.  The kids were all pumped when they heard it might happen so of course we made it happen.  We taught them the electric slide, macarena, cupid shuffle, chicken dance, and soulja boy (they requested that one, no lie).  Then we played some random music and just had a dance party.  A few of the kids can moon walk and bust out some sweet Michael Jackson moves.  It was the best dance night I’ve seen in my 3 english camp trips.  Everyone had a blast and nobody wanted it to end!  I didn’t get to many pics of that because I was teaching the dances and having way too much fun.

And Bailey ate a bug... a beetle actually.  That boy will eat ANYTHING! 
Get ready for city day. Keep remembering us as we finish up camp.  This was day 6 and we’re now on day 8.  Just a little time left with the kids and we need all the energy we can get to make it through!!
Love you all and miss everyone tons!

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