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Hi!  For those who don't know, I'm a 23 year old California girl who has packed up and moved to China for a year.  I have a business degree.  Spent my first year out of college as a dance teacher.  Now, I'm a college english professor.  Very cohesive isn't it?

I thrive off of music.
Dance-based reality shows own my life.
I am learning how to cook with multiple roadblocks thanks to my new location.
I am trying my best to learn a whole new language in order to thrive here.
I have the most wonderful support team back in the states.
Don't talk about American food around me.  Sore subject for the next year.

I want to share as much of this journey as possible with anyone who wants to hear about it.  That means putting up with my boring days, homesick days, ranting days, rambling days, happy days and whatever else happens in this next year.

No matter what happens though, I know I have a Father who loves me, protects me and is guiding me every day of this journey.  Remember me, encourage me, VISIT ME!

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  1. Hi Hailey,

    Finally got a chance to sit down and take time out of the day to read your blog. I am beyond blown away by your strength, courage, passion and faithfulness. It must feel amazing to accomplish so much. The impact you have made and continue to make on those in China as well as here in the states is phenominal. I am honored to say that I know "that person that went to China to do His will" Sometimes the human part of us needs that "real" experience. You are an ideal role model for Kamryn and Kaylee in dance but most importantly in your faith. You know Kamryn had asked when she could do mission work back when she was in 2nd grade????? I know who her mentor will be! We miss you tons and can't wait to see you, hopefully we can get connected via skype. Enjoy your time, take lots of pictures and learn as much as you can,you are one amazing individual! We love you, xoxo!

    Angela (Mark, Kamryn & Kaylee)

    I don't have a google account so I guess I go anonymous, this is new to me, lol!