Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Merry Christmas

 A few days late but let's just pretend it's not. Deal? Cool!

Christmas day in LC(at camp of course) was GREAT! Best day of camp up until that point.  We started the day with some normal mixers and then it was off to culture class.  Culture went so well.  Courtney and Sean do such a good job with that class.  They went over the holiday and we got the kids ready for skits.  I think this nativity skit was the best I've seen.  All of the kids did their lines really well and everyone seemed to really enjoy it and understand.  

Then we taught them a few Christmas songs.  We had them sing it once (which really meant the Americans tried to sing while they read along) and then they sang with us and sounded beautiful.

Rec time was 'steal the presents' instead of 'steal the bacon' and 'human sculptures'.  We had them make the manger scene, a snowman, present, and a Christmas tree.  Some group got so creative! It was a blast

Everyone started getting pretty tired so we had a chill night and just played "Honey, if you love me..." which is always fun.  Some of the kids played 'mafia' after that.  But it was the conversations that developed out of culture class that were the best.  We had kids talking about stuff at lunch, during free time, at night before bed, and the days after too.  It was incredible.  There are conversations going on all over the place.  Our leaders are doing an incredible job.  We have a great team this year (I think that every year though).

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