Monday, July 9, 2012


Finally feeling MUCH better! I was burning up last night.  Fever, body aches, sweating.  It was b-e-a-utiful... NOT! So S gave me an Ambien which I've never taken before and boy was it a FUN night!

I took it when I was ready for bed so as soon as I took it I brushed my teeth and went upstairs to go get an extra blanket for my bed and by the time I headed downstairs my world started getting a little odd.  Everything was kind of spinning and so I went straight to bed and even climbing into my bunk was interesting.  As soon as I laid down I sent Evan a text that literally said "I just popped in an Ambien and everything is all floaty and spinny.  Mmm."  Then I went crazy.

I was looking at pictures on my phone before I really crashed and I decided to share w/ Lindsay and Adrienne that my pictures were moving.  Here's an example:

Looking at this picture last night I thought that the men in the background were pacing back and forth.  The guy in the striped shirt started moving first and he would randomly come in and out of the picture.  No joke.  It was like a movie.  And I guess Adrienne asked me how it felt being on top of the world and I said, "Gooooooood."  Then I crashed.

I slept like a baby.  Apparently snored and talked in my sleep.  BUT I woke up w/out a fever or headache for the first time this trip!

A few more hours til the kids get here.  I can't wait to meet them.  Hopefully some of my kids come back :)

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