Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Official

... I now live in LC.

It's been over 24 hours of life on my own on the other side of the world and life is pretty good.  In the past 24 hours I have...

1. Spent 7 hours with my hands in bleach making sure my apartment is pretty much 'spotless'.
2. Spent probably 2 solid hours doing every dish that was usable or that I bought and drying them and putting them where I want them.
3. Done laundry!
4. Taken a beautiful shower w/ hot water!
5. Gone to 2 different stores to get a tiny bit of shopping done.
6. Rearranged my whole apartment.
7. Swept and mopped all of my floors.
8. Ran into 3 girls from english camp on campus!

And thanks to the best boss/supervisor/whatever he is to me, I now have not only internet but wifi!  Last night I had nothing and I figured it would be that way til after Thailand but he is incredible and got things done faster than I thought possible.

Ready for my attempt at a picture tour of my humble abode?  These are all 'before' pictures.  It's different now.  But not ready for the public. Here we go starting from the front door:

Here's my 'family room'.
 Family room view from the edge of the couch.
 My kitchen.  It was a nasty mess!  It may not look so bad here but my bucket of bleach water was black within minutes.
 Family room from inside the kitchen.
 Family room going into my music/dining/office/laundry/guest room aka 'the slash room'.
 The 'Slash Room:
 Slash Room from the balcony
 Yes, that is a broom above my washer.  And yes, that is also a mop.  :)
 When you turn left from my front door you go straight to the bathroom.
 This little red box = hot water for Hailey!
 If you turn right at the bathroom you go into my bedroom which has my lovely, comfy, SUPER long, king-size bed!

 I found a mirror in my closet! WOO!  I had to be cheesy and take a picture of myself before my first outing.  Notice the pants... JEANS! First time I've worn a pair of those since July 1st I think.  Maybe earlier.
 Laundry day!

There are all of my 'before' shots.  I'll get things semi decorated which means pictures to come in the next day or 2 I'm hoping!  More shopping for me tomorrow and possibly seeing my 'sister'.

Peace out from LC!

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