Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Am...

Happy 12.12.12.  Nine more days and the world will end.  I wonder how that's all going to happen.  I'd like the details so I know how to spend my last moments.  As of now, I'll be giving a final that morning.

I've got a lot going on right now.  I try to pretend I don't, but I do.  It's kind of taking its toll on me too and it's not fun.


...teaching my last class this Friday.  After that, it's all finals! happy that the Monday curse wasn't that bad this week.  My Monday morning shower was luke-warm, not hot.  I will gladly take that as the worst part of my Monday. love w/ Burmese tea.  With some cinnamon, it's like a chai and it is my new addiction.

...TIRED.  I woke up feeling tired.  I took a nap today and I plan on going to bed early because tomorrow is my crazy day and there's no time to rest.

...making brownies for the first time (here) tomorrow.  YUM (hopefully)!

...usually completely drowning myself in a blanket.  It's getting into the 30s at night here and my apartment is all tile floors and concrete walls so it gets COLD! And the sun doesn't shine in during the day so it's still cold.

...excited to skype w/ a great friend tomorrow.  It's been too long and I miss her.

...homesick.  Not because of Christmas time, but because it's been almost 6 months and I miss my family - every single member of it.

...very excited to get to hang out w/ some Americans who are my age.  A group is coming in for English camp next week and it will be the first time in about 4 months I think that I will have face to face contact w/ Americans who aren't a decade older or younger than me.  Strange to think about.

...addicted to Once Upon A Time.  I may have watched the entire first season in the last 3 days.  It has been playing constantly.  While I grade, while I cook, while I do lesson plans.  I couldn't stop watching it.

...SO ready to be fairly free next week.  I am almost done grading papers and there is a huge sports meeting next week so I only have 3 classes next week and they are finals and I've already written everything up.  Free time means getting out and making some adventures for myself.  Wandering around w/ my camera, getting some odd shopping done, reading, sleeping in.  It will be beautiful.

...(get ready for it) having class on Christmas day.  Yup.  I am giving one of my freshmen classes their final Tuesday morning.  BUT after that I think I'm heading up to the farm to spend Christmas w/ my surrogate family.  It won't be my usual Christmas, but it will be a good day.  I like being away from all of the hype.  I am enjoying not being immersed in the chaos that comes with Christmas.  I get to think about what Christmas really means without the distractions of Santa and presents.  It's nice in an interesting way, but I still do miss home very much.  After that I have one more final to give and I'll be done w/ my first semester of teaching.  Then it's New Years, some free time, my first Chinese wedding (not mine, a friends. hahaha), and who knows what else.

There's my life.  No pictures.  No crazy stories.  Just grading, sleep, new tea, finals.  Nothing exciting about the end of the semester apart from it being the end of the semester.


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  1. Just caught up on your blog and I just really like you a lot. Love the way you think and hearing about everything going on in your exciting life.
    Let's have a girls night when you get home? We can make the boys stay outside with their pipes and we will drink tea and talk about girly things. Yes? Yes. You're great.