Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Change of Plans

Surprise, surprise. Things changed. WHOAH! That's life here.

The sports meeting this week is Wednesday to Friday,  not Monday to Wednesday.  So I had to make some calls and change all of my finals.  The good thing about it all is that I am now halfway done and I am free on Christmas!  My next 3 finals I give are all going to be pretty easy I think.  One will take about 2 hours and be a little hectic, but it's a pass/fail so I don't have to stress too much.

For all but 1 of my finals I'm having them come in at designated times (the groups vary from 4-8 because of the different class sizes).  Each group has 20 minutes and I wanted to get through 5 questions but we only end up having time for 3.  They answer the questions and I grade them based on their grammar, pronunciation, confidence, level of difficulty, and how well they comprehend the question (that's always a 10/10 thankfully).

I have 2 freshmen classes done (the largest 2) and my junior class done.  Now I have sophomore culture, sophomore oral and my freshmen class of 16 so it shouldn't be too bad.  The sophomore oral one will be a little crazy I think.

The American group gets in tomorrow and I'm really excited to meet all of them.  I need some interaction.  Home sickness is at its worst right now and I just need something to hold me down for the next month.  This group will be here until January 1st so that will be nice.

One other really exciting thing: the local 'club' is having a huge Christmas performance and dinner and all of my girls said they wanted to go.  I'm going to attend also, even though I won't understand anything.  I know it'll be good for me to be with them and I can't wait to see what it stirs up in them.

So there's that and there's the english camp w/ my juniors.  Please be thinking of us as all of this goes on the next few weeks.  Whatever happens w/ the camp can lead to more small groups and more conversations for me next semester and I want that more than anything else.

(For those of you who love all of my pictures and skim through the life stories - no shame in admitting that because I do it too - I'm planning on going to this sports meeting as much as I can to snap some pictures of whatever is going to happen.)

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