Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apartment Update

Since you are all DYING to know what my apartment looks like now that I've been living in it for a solid month, I guess I can share some pictures.  I've actually been wanting to post pics of it for the last month, but I won't do that until it looks acceptable and that means putting things on the walls... which has taken me much longer than I had hoped.  Here is the before post and now it's time for the update:
View from my front door. 
My 2 RMB beer bottles all fancied up.  Hey, there I am in the TV that never gets turned on!
The most evil project I've ever decided to do. Those little circles are pieces of paper woven together on a piece of cardboard.  Yeah.  That all happened sadly.
View from the kitchen of the front door.  The fashion bike has been moved from it's normal home under the pictures.
Onto the kitchen...
Look how clean!  This is the water jug I got all by myself!  It's beautiful.
I spend WAY too much time staring at that wall.  Dumb dishes.

This is the 'slash' room. Sorry it's a bit dark and pardon my laundry. 
This is right when you walk into the 'slash' room. Still haven't had a meal at that table.
Slash room from the balcony. I try not to go in here much.  It kind of drives me crazy.

2 shower heads. Luxury living in China.
Onto my lovely room. 
I actually have way more clothes here than I thought. I have minor OCD tendencies so my clothes are all categorized too. I hope this room stays this perfect for a while.
Made those too.  Thank you toaster box cardboard, cheap paper, bamboo clothes pins and string left in my apartment!
My sister and I both have crayon art in our rooms at our colleges.  It's my favorite piece of home I brought with me.
And here I am one more time just because I look decent today and had a camera in my hands.
So there it all is.  I love it.  It feels like my home for the year.  I get excited every day when I get to go back to it so that's a good sign I think.  Now I'm just going to hope that it stays this perfect for the next year.

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