Thursday, September 13, 2012

Small Group

It's over... and it has just begun.  (Look at me being all deep w/ my words.)

'My girls' just left my apartment after our first small group meeting!  It wasn't what I expected, but I think it went extremely well.

[I woke up this morning, after the first good night of sleep I've had in a while, anxious for the day.  Small group day 1.  My devo for the morning was about worry.  Worrying means we're not relying on the Father.  It means we aren't trusting Him.  All morning I yarped for peace and wisdom and for the removal of any worries that I let slip into my head.  2 pm needed to get here.]

5 of the 7 showed up.  One had to go to the hospital I guess(??).  They said she's ok, nothing serious, but not what I wanted to hear.  Poor girl.  Another had to work today but will hopefully come next week.  I made plenty of cookies (probably too many which really isn't a bad thing in my opinion), got some drinks and set up chairs and, before I knew it, they were here!

Right before we met I watched a video about one of my summer camps and it literally brought me to tears.  It was 10 minutes before the girls got here and it was that perfect little kick to remove any worries I may have had that decided to stick around even though they were not welcomed. [The video is on my FB page.  Go watch it.  It's beautiful.]   I have only spent 2 hours with these girls so I think they are still a bit nervous around me.  Goal #1 is to get rid of that as soon as possible.  We sat down and talked for a few minutes before I just buckled down and got into things.  I explained why I want to have them over and how they're not here to be forced into anything.  I told them I want to teach them because it's important to me and I love our Father and I want them to learn who He is.

We went through the lesson I had which was just the 1st chapter of the book.  We sort of went through the questions that I had and they had plenty of good questions too.  Difficult questions.  We dealt with a lot today and it was all really good.  One girl already has a book and she reads it. I found out later that she yarps and watches club meetings on TV.  She's very shy but when she has a question or when I say something that triggers her interest she just lights up.  I like her :)  I like all of them!

We talked about yarping.  A LOT!  They had SO many questions.  I showed them the list I keep by my bed and told them how I usually talk to the Father.  We talked about other beliefs and I told them why I believe what I do.  I told them why I want to teach others.  There was just a lot to talk about.  It got my so excited for the next few weeks with them.  At the end I asked if I could yarp for them and I did.  It's aways been really far out of my comfort zone to yarp publicly but that's where you grow, right?  I challenged them to yarp this week at least once.  I said they could say anything they wanted, where the wanted and when they wanted.

After we ended we just hung out and talked about normal things.  I'm getting some Chinese pop music next week in exchange for some John Mayer.  Brining the JM to China.  You're welcome, Mr. Mayer.  Anyways, the shyness barrier has seemed to come down a bit already.  I'm teaching them to make cookies next week and they took some to bring their roommates.  I think we ended on a very positive note.

My head is spinning with all that I want to share with them.  I want to teach them everything I know.  I want these girls to get it and to see things as I am finally learning to.  AH.  I'm just excited and anxious. I love these girls so much already and I want to know that they understand His love and want more of it.  Nothing could be better.

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