Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Busy Bee

Life starts to get a little busier for me tomorrow.

This is what my weeks will be looking like starting tomorrow:

Mondays: Teaching freshmen class #2 in the afternoon.  Grading their papers after class.
Tuesdays: Seniors in the morning.  Freshmen class #3 after that.  Lots of grading.
Wednesdays: Freedom... or getting together with students like I am doing tonight!
Thursdays: Small group at 2. Tutoring at 7.
Fridays: Freshmen class #1 in the mornings.  Grading.  Lesson planning when A gets into town.  Tutoring at 7.
Saturdays: Tutoring at 10. Tutoring at 2. Farm at 4. Possibly stay the night there.
Sundays: Hang out w/ my favorite people in the whole country (Jenny, Locke & Nicole).

Last night I met a lady, through a friend, who wants me to help tutor some primary (elementary) students on Thursday and Friday evenings.  I was told it would be maybe once or twice a month, but nope!  Every week.  More money and more chances to practice my Chinese so it's all good!

Tonight I'm having dinner with that student I wrote about last week.  I'm anxious for that.  I had another situation yesterday when I was grading that got me excited about talking to another student next week too.  So I'm thinking my Wednesdays will be great for me to have some one-on-one time w/ the students that I really want to get to know.

Then tomorrow is small group week 2!  Reading more of the word, yarping, and baking cookies!  Should be a great day.

That's all I got for now.  Things are good here.  Enjoying my time and starting to realize how quickly it's going.  Almost 3 months down already!

-Zai jian

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