Sunday, September 2, 2012

Da zhou

Big week!

I have a huge week ahead of me.  Not in the amount I have to do, but in the importance of what is being done.

This Wednesday & Thursday (xingqi san & xingqi si)  I have lunches with some girls I have never met.    They are students possibly interested in learning about my Father after some events this summer.  So I received a list of their names this week and called all of them.  All but 2 answered and all who answered are free to meet this week.  I will be meeting about 4 girls each day and spending a bit of time with them to get to know them and let them know why I wanted to meet them.  I'm hoping that their interest remains and that they would be willing to be in a small group with me for a certain amount of time.  J & I worked out a plan for how to go about all of this, but it will only happen if there are girls whoa re interested.

This is a big week.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  I'm trying not to expect all of them to be eager to learn more but you know what?  I'm not the one making all of this happen.  I'm not creating a willingness in their hearts.  I'm not coming up with some speech to convince them to want to learn what I want to teach them.  I have no idea what will happen this week.  I have no idea what I'll say.  I have no idea where their hearts are at.  BUT I do know that our Father is incredible, and faithful, and sovereign, and his will will be done.  I know that I am terrible with words in situations when my words seem to really matter so I'm just going to trust that I can put myself aside and let what needs to happen just happen.  So I'm not getting my hopes up that I'll win them over.
-I'm believing that the Father has a much bigger purpose for them than they are aware of.
-I'm believing that this is the time where their lives will change.
-And I'm believing that he'll use me in some way to introduce his message to them.

Earlier this year I started writing down when I heard the Father speak clearly to me.  Here's what I wrote down on April 2: "I will meet you in [your city].  I will show you more of me than you have ever seen.  You just need to continue in that and let go of everything around you."

It's a big week.  An exciting week.  The week that starts why I'm here.  And no matter what comes out of it, I will remain excited and know that he is faithful and he is good.
AND on a completely unrelated and much less serious note: I LOVE TO COOK!  I made cookies, breakfast sausages, and my favorite thing ever - coca cola chicken.  MMM.  Crepes are on the list this week.  Not sure what else.  Probably more cookies because, if you know me, you know that I have no self control when it comes to those sweet little sugary pieces of deliciousness.

I even made cookies for the kids today while I was at the L's.
A and I also started tutoring on Saturdays.  This past Saturday was our first day and it went really well. We teach 2 classes at a woman's house.  The first class had 5 kids in it.  They were 4-10.  ADORABLE!  We went as basic as teaching them 'hello'.  (A does almost everything since I speak hardly any Chinese.  I'm learning a lot too because of that though.)  The second class had 5 also and I think our youngest was 9 and our oldest 13.  It was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to see how this turns out!  The lady whose house we use gave us a pomegranate on our way out too so we busted that open and I took a picture because I think they look cool.  Don't judge me for being amused by simple things.

Now that's all.
Please please please be yarping for me this week.  For me to be bold and obedient and for the girls to be curious and excited!

Zai jian!

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  1. bold...obedient...curious...excited
    you'll know exactly what to say :)
    bracelet from me and Carole