Tuesday, October 2, 2012

YD Follow Up

This summer I had the opportunity to help lead an english camp in a brand new place.  Most people there had never seen Americans unless it was on the internet or in a movie.  Yesterday I got the chance to go back to catch up with some people... and eat some interesting things.

[I meant to put this in the last post but it just slipped my mind at the moment.]

It's a 3 hour drive there so I spent 6 hours in the car for a 4 hour trip but it was worth every minute.  The car ride back was a great chance for me to learn some more Chinese!  I'm always up for that these days.  Once we got to YD I was able to contact a girl I met.  Her name is Summer and she is one incredible girl.  She's the only one I really connected with and getting to see her again was just wonderful.  She joined us (me, 2 American men, and some teachers) for lunch at this place that is supposedly really popular to take guests to.  The food was delicious... all of it.
Left-Right: Bees, snails, liver(?), pig brain
Pig brain. Yup.  Good taste.  Weird texture. 
Fried bees. YUM!!!
Now I get to add pig brain and bees to my list of strange foods I've eaten in my life (most of which have occurred in China).
-Pig intestines
-Pig brain
-Chicken feet
-Black fungus
-Butter tea
-Fish eyes
-Meal worms
I said I'd try stinky tofu before I leave here.  I'm terrified.  Oh well.  I'll suck it up.

My beautiful Summer.
I'm hoping that I can condense my schedule down next semester so I can go here about once a month for a weekend trip to do some english training.  I really do love this place and they are so anxious to get a foreigner in there to really help their english program grow and thrive.

Next up: Mid-Autumn Festival. Oh man. I love this country.

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