Thursday, August 2, 2012


I can now say that I have cooked in China.  I was avoiding it.  I thought I'd venture out after I got back from Thailand BUT yesterday I took a random trip to the store up the street and I went early enough so they had fresh produce still.  Guess who got super excited?

Yup! ME!

So I bought a few things and probably smiled the whole way back.  Got tupperware and everything because I knew this would be a monumental moment that needed to be saved (get it? I'm lame, I know).  SO I began chopping and cooking and eventually ended up w/ a meal that was good! And made enough so I have some for either lunch or dinner today.
[And my lovely Jenny brought me some fresh picked rice, apples, baozi for breakfast, a metal bowl for whatever AND a teapot that her mom said she could bring me because they've never used it.  I feel so spoiled and grateful. She even brought a girl we met at camp last year! It's always so nice to see a familiar face here.]
Things are finally looking up here.  I love oreos and bread and snacks but I can't live off of that.  Now I don't have to!  Evan's noticed that every time we skype I'm eating oreos or noodles or some sort of food that doesn't count as real food.  I'm not going to starve now! Or get fat hopefully! YAY!!! (I'm just adorable, aren't I?)
After my beautiful dinner I decided to watch this new show 'All The Right Moves'.  It's Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini and this guy Teddy who are starting a dance company.  It's pretty much all of the best SYTYCD alumni and it was therapy for me.  I can't watch SYTYCD yet and I'm majorly antsy for it so this was nice.  I even busted out my Golden Grahams tea and drank a whole bunch of that.
I'd say yesterday was a complete success!  Swept this morning, packing for Thailand today, having Amanda over for our first of many sleepovers.  Can't wait for another good day in LC.  Probably my last post for 2 weeks.  I'm not bringing my laptop to Thailand w/ me.  That means either tons of posts when I get back or just a massive novel.  Either way it'll be intense.

Later Skaters.

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