Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This Is The End

I may have lied about posting about camp.  That didn't happen.  I didn't take my camera out once.  Evan did though, so I have a few from him.

I got stripped of all power during the week so I got to hang back and relax most of the time.  I needed it.  My body is feeling the tiredness that I've suppressed for the last 6 months.  I'm feeling better, but still very exhausted.

Ally had puppies! They are adorable and Evan and I wanted to bring one of them home SO badly!
I said my goodbyes yesterday and this morning and they were not fun.  Locke made me cry like a baby.  I said bye to Jenny in the dark while her dad was waiting in the car so it was quick and didn't feel real.  I cried saying bye to Hope this morning.  I didn't get to say goodbye to Amanda.  That made things easier, but then I got to talk to her on the phone and that wasn't fun.  Neither was reading their posts on my latest facebook status either.  I miss those girls already.  They were like 2 more sisters for me this past year and it will be very, very, very strange not seeing them every weekend.  Spencer too.  My one year with a little brother has ended.

I'm feeling good about going home.  The last week has given me a decent amount of rest that I needed to get my head to where it needs to be.  I'm anxious for home, but in a healthy way.  Evan and I have our meals for the next 2 days planned out, along with our schedules for those days too.  We are one flight away from the good ole' USA.

On our layover in Hong Kong we decided to venture outside of the airport!  We got temporary visas and train tickets and hopped into town for a while.  I've always wanted to see Hong Kong and, even though we didn't stay for very long or do much, it was still a very cool experience- another one that I was very thankful to do with Evan.

We ate these disgustingly good fries covered with sour cream (real sour cream), bacon bits, chili, and cheese and got some drinks to go with it.  Oh man.  I am still smiling about those.  We took plenty of pictures of the harbor and attempted to get a few of us too.

Now it's sit around and wait time for the next 3 hours.  Plane time will come soon and hopefully sleep time with that.  Then it will be America for quite some time.  Good food, good people, good life.  I'm ready and anxious to see how this new chapter of life plays out.

Expect one more post once I get semi adjusted to America and then it's time to close things up for me.  Thank you everyone for your comments and likes and encouragement throughout this year.  Every comment has been read multiple times and has been deeply felt.  I have been incredibly blessed by this whole journey and am so glad I didn't get in my own way when it came to making the decision over a year ago.

-Zhong Guo Hailey

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  1. aww! miss you so much! past few hours have been tough but im glad your in america now back with your other family(: dont forget to skype sometime when your rested and stuff! can you send me our list of inside joke thingys??