Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Packing Up

I'm insanely tired so please ignore spelling, grammar and any other type of mistakes that happen during this post.

Today was packing day.  Evan made pretzels and we made some cookies just to try and get rid of a lot of ingredients I have here.  Peanut butter gallons have been condensed into a small tupperware and my counter has a nice assortment of food just laying out.

We hop on a bus tomorrow morning.  I am officially done tutoring AND teaching.  Grades have been turned in and my last day in LC is almost complete.

On Sunday, Evan and I went up to the farm just to hang out and see how empty it was I guess.  We ended up staying til late in the evening and Evan cooked dinner for everyone.  He made jambalaya while I went with the older kids to free their frog and it's tadpoles.  We threw in some JustDance and then got a ride from them back into town.  It was quite a lovely day!

Yesterday, Evan, Locke & I went up to see Jenny now that she's back in her hometown.  I love going there and was really excited for Evan to finally see it.  We spent the majority of the day there and it was really nice.  I love that girl so much.  And Locke also.

We picked these little plums from her yard, went down to where the market is usually running, made our way to the lake, learned how to play mahjong, went to dinner, and then headed back to town and went on an insane hunt for mahjong tiles because I desperately wanted them.  Of course, we didn't find any until this morning!  BUT, all is well.  I finally found them and they are wonderful, but all packed up sadly.

Tomorrow we are off to begin a 2 week project of digging/plastering/installing septic tanks in a village about 5 hours away from here.  That should be some intense work, but on the weekends we get to head to the 'old city' and be tourists and relax for a few days before we go back for another week of work.

I'm sad that my time here trying to blend in as a local is over.  Very, very sad.  But, I am excited for the next few weeks, and excited that I get to do it all with Evan.  I am extremely thankful for him and have been enjoying every single second I get to spend with him.  It has been flying by too!

I'll attempt to post something next weekend when I know I'll have internet access.

-6 weeks-

Also, here is a random picture of Evan playing Jenga.  Ok, I'm done now.

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