Sunday, April 21, 2013


Second post within a few hours?  I would say sorry, but I'm not sorry.  This is my record of the fun things I do, and this weekend was really fun so it deserves 2 posts.

As if things weren't already great enough after the Water Splashing Festival, we had a campout Saturday night up on the mountain behind the farm.  We took up our tent(s) and got things set up for the night, went back down and had a fun game night with some friends, and then headed back to our little campground.

I really wanted s'mores but that's a problem here.  No graham crackers, no marshmallows, and no Hersheys bars.  We did happen to have some tiny Christmas tree shaped marshmallows and decided to make chocolate chip cookies to replace the missing items.  IT WAS SO GOOD!
The picture is awful, but it's the best I could get with the lack of patience I had.
We made a pretty great fire, made our s'mores and then went to bed.

This morning, I did yoga with Amanda because we like yoga and we were on top of a mountain in the morning and it just seemed fitting.

This afternoon I got to see Jenny & Locke for a bit and they got me set up with my QQ account, and then Summer picked me up so I could have dinner at her house and attempt to see her 3 day old kittens.  Her daughter and 2 nieces were all there so we had some fun taking pictures on my phone too.

After dinner, Summer and I had a really good conversation just sitting downstairs drinking tea and eating sunflower seeds.

She told me that she has several friends at work she talks to about important things, and me.  I have been so blessed by my relationship with her and now that I'm down to 99 days, I'm starting to dread the thought of the goodbyes that will have to be said at the end of this.  99 days is still a long time, but it doesn't feel like it right now.  It feels like a week and I don't like that.  Back to happy things though...

It has been an incredible weekend and I get to start my week knowing that at least one small group will be held this week! Be yarping for that and for the other one I'd like to have.  My time on campus is running out and I really want this to happen.  I know it will if it's the Father's plan so I'm just yarping like crazy that it is.

That's all for a few days I think.  I can't make any promises though.  9 pm and I'm off to bed.  This girl is TIRED!

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