Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lack of Lanterns & New Term

Chinese New Year is all done.  The 2 week 'celebration' has been over for a while, I just have been slacking.  Part of the reason for not posting about the closing of Spring Festival is the lack of stuff to post about.  The Lantern Festival closes out Chinese New Year and I had it so built up in my head.  A friend of mine in Northern China got the experience I was hoping for.  Things here were much calmer. Families got together to have a final big dinner and a few people lit lanterns by the lake.  Nothing too huge.  I'm still glad I was here for it.  There were more lanterns on Chinese New Year's Eve.  That was pretty cool.

My favorite brother turned 18 the other day.  I was so excited to get to see him for a bit his weekend and give him his gift - Taylor Swift's new album.  He loves her!  Getting to be here for the birthdays of my 2 favorite people in this country has been such a blessing.  That is a huge thing I'll miss when I leave.

Since then, I've just been anxious for school to start.  This week I was saved from my boredom... a bit.  I started the new term on Monday.  My schedule is pretty awesome.  I teach at the college Monday through Wednesday and I tutor Wednesday through Friday.  I have 2 night classes this semester, but I'm actually excited about that.  I have my 3rd year students for those 2 nights and they requested more movies, so movies will be happening almost every Monday night I think.  Tuesday will be a mix of discussions and skits based on the movies.  As of now, I'm not tutoring on Saturdays.  I'm a little bummed about that, but at the same time it means I have a weekend.

Remember last semester how I graded over 120 papers a week?  Then I said that I would never do that again?  Well... I lied.  Sort of.  I'm giving the freshmen 5 writing assignments throughout the semester.  The good thing is that they have to do them in class and they can't be longer than half a page.  So it won't be too bad.

For entertainment value: 
Monday was the first day of the new term.  I was so happy as I walked to my building - I walked into the wrong classroom and then realized I was in the wrong building on the opposite side of campus - and the happiness just skyrocketed as I saw this girl walking in front of me with this hairstyle I'd never seen before.  Ladies & gentlemen, I introduce to you 'The Fancy Mullet' or 'The Sting Ray'.  I'm feeling the second name.  The picture doesn't show it the way I wanted.  Either way, how fantastic is this?  It's the beauty of long and short hair, all on one head, without going full on mullet.

That's really all that's happened in the last week or two.  It's nice having people around and students to catch up with.  The only downside is the really loud people in the street at night, but it's college so whatever.

On Monday I should be getting in touch w/ the girls who I hope to start a new small group with.  Be yarping about that.  There are 7 of them that I think may want to come over.  Also, I should be meeting up with our new sister soon.  Yarp that she wants to continue to meet with me, one-on-one (or possibly with another girl).  My schedule is perfect to allow more time for things like this.  I just hope the Father has been moving in their hearts and wants this to happen.

I'll let you all know if anything interesting happens soon.  I hope it does.

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