Sunday, November 4, 2012

Small Group Status

We have just finished week 7 of our 8 week study :(

GOOD NEWS: We are NOT done meeting after that! 

Yesterday was an interesting meeting.  It started off rough.  It was just very quiet.  No questions were asked.  It just wasn't what I was wanting - first problem right there... it wasn't what I wanted. Towards the end, the girls were all talking (in Chinese) and I wasn't following at all.  When one of my girls decided to fill me in, she told me that she ordered a 'good book'.  I asked when and she said last week!  She went online and ordered a book for herself.  This is the girl who has been throwing out the really intense questions.  That piece of info right there was enough for me to be happy.

I made dinner for them this week.  Coca cola chicken, broccoli, potatoes, bread, lemonade and apple crisp for dessert.  It was my first time actually cooking for people other than my parents so I was nervous, but they said they loved it and that every week we should have Chinese/American meals!

They were the ones to bring up the ending of the group.  They asked when our last week was and I told them the study ends next week.  They asked what we'd do after so I gave them the options: [1] Nothing. [2] We meet just to talk and make food. [3] We continue what we've been doing with the lessons and cooking.  And they said ok.  Ok to what???? So I asked them if they still wanted me to keep teaching them more about the Father.  I said we could split things up and those who wanted to could come over on a different day but we could all still meet on Thursdays.  They said that they came to study the book with me and they want to continue to do that if I'm willing.  HECK YES I AM!

We decided we'd do lessons, make food, talk about our cultures, and do other things together.  One girl wants to teach me cross stitching!  We deemed ourselves a group of 7 Amerinese girls (American & Chinese for those not following). Amerinese girls who make Chinican food. 
The girls looking through our pictures. 
I'm still trying to remember that I can't make things go any faster.  No decisions may be made at this point and I am ok w/ that.  The time I get to spend w/ them and the friendships we're developing are perfect and right where they should be.  As long as I continue to have time to pour into these girls, I'll be content.  I want more but that's not up to me and I want things to be authentic, genuine, real.  It'll be divinely lead when that time comes, if it does.

ALSO, on an unrelated, nothing really important topic: 'A' and I ran 2 km this morning and then went on a 30 min. hike w/ 'S'. We're planning on running the 18 km to town at some point. Baby steps.
Post-run/mid-hike picture.

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